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15 Points to Consider when buying a property in Hyderabad.

Well, most of us want to own a house or a flat in Hyderabad. It is a dream of many, only few realize this dream in reality. Why?

There are many things that have to fall in place at the right time if you want to become an owner of a house or a flat:

  1. One should have the adequate amount of finances for purchasing the property.
  2. One should identify the property to be purchased.
  3. All the legal formalities have to be completed before the purchase of the property.
  4. One might consider using the services of a reputed real estate lawyer before purchasing the property.
  5. The compliance according to Vaastu is to be satisfied.
  6. The property should be located in such an area where all essential services are nearby, like public transport facility, schools, hospitals, colleges, places of worship, entertainment centres, shops etc.
  7. Check if the area you are buying your property in has adequate water and power supply. Also, check the groundwater quality and supply.
  8. If you are buying the property on loan, then formalities of the housing loan provider need to be fulfilled.
  9. For finding a property to buy one might consider using the services of reputed real estate agents, newspaper classifieds, internet property website classifieds, local self-search of properties and references through friends or relatives.
  10. Negotiating the right price of the property that one is purchasing is very important. Make sure that you are not overpaying too much.
  11. If you are buying your property through a builder or developer make sure what was promised before purchase is actually delivered.
  12. Some people want to own a property close to the residences of their friends or relatives. So, if you are one of them, make sure to make it a point when searching for your property.
  13. Similarly, some people prefer to own a property nearby their place of work or business. This aspect is also to be noted when searching a property to own.
  14. Owning a house that has two sides road, a north-east corner house, east or north facing house or flat, main road property etc., can add to the value of the property as a good investment.
  15. Buy in areas that have a strong potential for investment growth in the future. The value of a property grows faster in some areas than others due to the commercial viability of the areas. This needs some research before buying a property.

If you want to add more points to this list you may do so through the comments section.

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