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Hyderabad City Development Plan

The State Government of Andhra Pradesh has proposed numerous plans of development for the city of Hyderabad in 100 days.

Features include:

  • Road renewals (428 km) – Rs.150 crore.
  • Better Walk ways / Side ways (200 km) – Rs.10.7 crore.
  • New look to Medians, Flyovers and Traffic Islands – Rs.5 crore.
  • Better facilities for Bus Commuters (50 Bus Shelters).
  • Fresh look to Parks (25 Parks).
  • Reliable drinking water supply (In Service Area) – Rs.10.6 crore.
  • Cleaner city.
  • Improved infrastructure for quality power supply – Rs.160 crore.
  • Moving towards cleaner Hussain Sagar Lake – Rs.340 crore.
  • Completing half of the ring of ORR (Pedda Amberpet – Patancheru: 82 Km) – Rs.2450 crore.
  • Smoother and Safer Traffic – Rs.25 crore.
  • Providing new Buses (50 air-conditioned buses and 100 mini buses) – Rs.30 crore.

If the objectives of these plans are successfully achieved it would be a great benefit for Hyderabad citizens, tourists and investors.

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